Origin 2.4G DSM2 Module for Futaba Transmitter

Origin 2.4G DSM2 Module for Futaba Transmitter
Origin 2.4G DSM2 Module for Futaba Transmitter
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1、Using newly-developed 2.4G Spectrum system “MTSS”;
2、Compatible transmitters including Futaba:T10CHG(2.4G), T9C(72M), T8FG ;
3、Supporting ORIGIN's A-MTSS series receivers;
4、Compatible for DSM2 receivers(less than 7 channels);
5、Enabling transmitters to control HorizonHobby's models with DSM2 receivers
(e.g.MCPX V1 & V2, 130X,MSR-X and UMX 3-Axis fixed wing airplanes);
6、Can be used in iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2 and iPad3;
7、1S Li-Po battery internally installed, mcpx battery best fit;
8、Easy to use, light and small.
1、Spektrum: DX7(2.4G);
2、JR: XG8(2.4G), XG7(2.4G), 9XII(72M);
3、Futaba: T10CHG(2.4G), T9C(72M), T8FG;
4、Hitec: AURORA-9;
5、Walkera: WK-2801Pro, DEVO-6, DEVO-7, DEVO-8, DEVO-10.
PS: Transmitters mentioned above are already tested;
Other transmitters will be tested soon and we will update the list on our website.
This package include Futaba adapter cable only, for other transmitters, buyer need to buy adapter cable.
1、Power: 4~20 DBm;
2、Number of Channels: 7 (DSM2), 9 (A-MTSS);
3、Operating Current: 50mA;
4、Operating Voltage: 3.6~4.2V(batteries for MCPX are recommended);
5、Continuous Working Time: 4~6h (300mA/1S Li-Po);

6、Size: 26.5 x 58.0 x 14.5 mm.

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